Paicines, California
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No gate. No ranger at entrance.

No security. At the store I was asked to produce registration for my truck, registration for my camper, proof of insurance for truck, proof of insurance for camper. The camper is a rider on my truck insurance. She says I'll have to go to the activity center and print out proof of insurance for my camper.

After a walk I discover this is a result of THEFT !

Absolutely disgusting! ***, urine, weeds, trash, abandoned shacks...

Attempting to post 58 pictures of pure filth. Now way I, or anyone else, can stay here.

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Paicines, California, United States #1198674

The park switched to a welcome center format like many of the TTs last year. So the gate and old ranger station are part of the old check in process.

The former store now houses an inclusive check in center. I never get what the complaint about showing proof of DL/reg/insurance is, you're supposed to have all of those in your vehicle anyways, it's the law, and you can be cited for not having them in the vehicle. It's in your best interests, as well as the parks, to know that every driver in the park is insured and a licensed driver.

That toilet is gross for sure, but that's likely done recently. The tile and floor around that toilet show/prove that restroom is cleaned regularly or those would be very dirty in the creases at the wall, around the toilet and on the grout.

One can't really run in behind each person to check that they flushed. I don't blame a park for the poor manners of someone who used the restroom and didn't flush.

Id love to see more of the supposed 58 pics of "pure filth".

I'm in the park often. Wanna post pic for pic?

to Anonymous #1408129

"ANONYMOUS" (ha ha) All 58 pics were taken on a single walk within an hour. Four consecutive restroom facilities.

You are accusing me of waiting for someone to exit a stall before taking a pic?



ooooh some TT sales fuxxer doesnt think it is helpful to graphically show what is going on in the "resorts"

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