The Equity Lifestyle Property, LLC owners who now manage and manipulate the membership rights of Thousand Trails Parks' owners is getting "way out of hand" The parks are catering to the public at the expense of existing member rights. Existing members are being deprived of use privileges that are inherent within the membership contracts of the Thousand Trails Park system.

It is a system wide problem for the 84-plus TT parks and it is illegal. None of the many TT members have the individual or collective ability to file suit due to the erosion and deprivation of member usage rights; but, it happens daily, weekly, monthly, and annually to all of us members.

And, to make this phenomenon even worse; our TT membership dues are paying for a team of Equity Life Style attorneys to take our rights away from us. Equity should be ashamed and should manage the TT parks with greater dignity and respect for existing members.

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I totally agree. I'm so tired if trying to reserve a membership space and being told no space available but space is available to the public.

Why is that? ??


is there an actual class action suit? Very interested

Yakima, Washington, United States #1356899

I'm in for a class action lawsuit. I also filed a complaint with the Attorney General.

to Anonymous #1379478

I agree thousand trails are being discriminated against members rights.

Let’s do something


Class action lawsuit. This would be where to congregate, no? Count us in.

to Anonymous South Carolina, United States #1102616

I'm in, we need to do something


I totally agree

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