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MY RVer Rants..

When holidays come around many "Weekend Warriors" travel to their favorite RV Park or campground to celebrate. That's what we all do, celebrate, having fun with our families and friends.

Great, but....

At most RV parks and campgrounds we're almost on top of one another. This where some people don't realize that personal space is limited and should be respected. RV campgrounds are very good at suggesting Rules on proper campground etiquette. I use "Suggest" because as I recently found out, some park staff choose to not enforce some rules. Case in point, just about all parks that have spas prohibit anyone under 18 from using them. Our recent stay at a Thousand Trails park I was told "as long as the kids are behaving it's okay." Really? I don't want to share a spa with kids and their water wings and toy boats. Not to mention it's not healthy for them.

Another rule of campground etiquette that weekend warriors don't seem to understand is that walking through someone's campsite to get to the restroom, spa, pool or to the trash is violating someone's personal space. When I confronted a lady starting to walk through our site I politely said to her, " It's really disrespectful to walk through someone's campsite." If looks could kill I would be dead. Sure I realize that not all weekend warriors are disrespectful of the Rules but it seems to be worse on the holidays.

We are Full-time RVers so we can't avoid the holiday crowds, they're all coming to where we live. All we want is to enjoy our personal space. Please don't put your table so close to our RV that you can use our slide out as back rest, or your friends tent six feet from the back of our RV, or play your music loud enough that we can hear it.

Just rants from a grumpy old man.

Reason of review: Campground Etiquette.

Preferred solution: Nothing, it takes personal responsibility by everyone.

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