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I have a TT Oddessy membership that cost me OVER $10,000, which I purchased last year just before going full time as a travel photographer. I am, for the most part satisfied, in that I have a place to camp for 28 days for free.

That being said, I often stay at the Soledad TT park in Acton, California which is near my Dad's house. THIS IS THE WORST RV PARK I HAVE EVER STAYED AT. There are many reasons for my comments.

1) The personnel and management at the park are an insane mess, they are fighting for control so much that they don't have time to pay attention to what is really going on IN THE PARK.

2) There has never been a guard at the gate in my year as a member. There is NO SECURITY in the park, with the exception of one of the front desk or office girls driving around the park once in a while. In spite of the fact that, Instances of stalking, drug use, fighting which were reported to the management last September, however, as of this morning the person doing the stalking and even following that member out of the park, was seen in the park. He is a friend of one of the office staff it seems.

3) The office continually allows people, without annual memberships/possibly no membership at all, to stay in the park without ever leaving the park a day let alone for a week, those people only changing spaces every once in a while. Anyone can look up Pedophiles and find that there are usually at least one in present in the park at a time, they too, never seem to leave. There are known drug deals occurring and witnessed by members with dealers in the park that never seem to leave the park. There have been multiple DRUG RAIDS in this park, Sheriff's Officers are CONSTANTLY being called to the park, within the past few weeks they have been in the park for MULTIPLE issues, from a guest waiving a gun around, threats against other guests, multiple arrests of people staying in the park.

4) The facility is SUB-STANDARD at best. Last summer the pools were closed multiple times, once because a guest with a known contagious bacteria was in the pool. This year again, the electrical in the park has been a problem, everything from power surges killing the surge protectors guests use, to power at some sites not working at all or going out requiring guests to have to move to another space.

5) Most recently, a week ago, there have been several dogs that have required extensive medical care, due to pesticides and toxins that have been sprayed around the park, WITHOUT THE NOTIFICATION OF ANY GUESTS, nearly killing a few of the dogs. Some of the dog owners are considering filing a Class Action Law Suit against the Corporation. None of the "management" seems to care about what is happening at this park.

This used to be a nice park back in the 90's. It's a shame to have seen it come to this level of disgrace.

This park needs to be shut down and undergo a MAJOR OVERHAUL starting with the STAFF!

Product or Service Mentioned: Thousand Trails Rv Campground.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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sounds exactly like lake minden

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