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I have been a member for over 18 years, and have had an annual site for over 5 years. This last weekend my wife and I went to the adult pool to find out that now it is a quite pool and kids are allowed in even though there is a family pool available.

The kids were not quite and were splashing being kids. Our campground has always allowed kids in the adult pool when the family pool has problems. I was told this was a corporate decision.

I feel that corporate should revisit this policy and at least have adult times or return them to adult pools. A third option would be hire s dedicated ranger to monitor the pool the insure the is such a thing as a quite pool.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thousand Trails Rv Pool Facility.

Reason of review: policy changes.

Preferred solution: Go back to Adult pool and family pools separate.

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I agree! There NEEDS to be enforcement of the adult pool/family pool.

This was very disappointing learning of this change this week. I hope it's not truly a corporate decision.

I will also be writing in a hand written letter to their complaint department to let them know this isn't sitting well. Not too many happy campers, haha!

to Camper #1524235

Also, my husband tried to call and complain but they said they don't take phone complaints. You HAVE to write/mail in your complaint. I'm not sure that's really going to do anything but I'll sure try!

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