I totally agree, wednesday, november 15, 2017, we had our reservation at soledad canyon park. My gf called monday to confirm our reservation and was told we coukd not enter the park because our rig had bubbly paint, they dont like our tail lights and our awning ( which you cant really see due to the over grown trees) has a tiny rip in it and window coverings must match.

Meaning we can't come get into the park.... We called headquarters and they claim its per park. So I entered this 9000 dollar c contract with this same rv that I own now, back in 2016 but I can't use it in the park.... WTF!!!!

not only did we not recieve a formal letter or notification on our door during our previous stay and the claim we must patiently wait for the letter..... I know of one other person who received a letter naming things and they can't return to the park, but what about giving you time to resolve the issue. Not just a verbal no you can't enter the park over the phone when we don't even know we did anything wrong, only simply trying to use our membership as to how its written.... but non members tear the facility up like you wouldn't believe but they are welcomed back with open arms.

Their q section restroom is disgusting, broken skylight, leaking toilet and sink but they want me to repair my paint on my rig thousands of dollars but they can't even provide a proper, clean facility for their members... SMH. They allowed others to return to the park, maybe they don't like the fact that I am female and have a girlfriend or possibly discriminating on blacks, cause while I was there Sunday observing some things never once did I see any ranger go inspect any rv, a d I just left the park last week, and mind you as of today thanksgiving is in 3 days. We had plans with my family to come and celebrate the holidays with me at the trails, but instead we are spending our thanksgiving money on gas getting to and from work driving an addition 60 miles a day and paying 20 bucks a day to stay where we are staying was not quite incorporated into our extravagant thanksgiving dinner.

Heartless and shameless THOUSAND TRAILS SUCKS they are discriminating against me and who I choose to be as an individual, cause I witnessed several individuals who are at the same park for the same amount of time with even older rigs get in without an inspection and who were white. Black lives matter, and the way you treat av person regarding their race. I seen it before when THOUSAND TRAILS refused to feed a family of 12 black kids, at a member generated potluck that was being ran by staff. SMH, it's not about what you bring its all about having fun, I was also refused a plate along with several other members who knows that I always bring a cake and assist in the entertainment, I wasn't allowed to enjoy this day either..

So I asked a few members to pitch in and we went and bought the family 5 pizzas and some drinks so they had something to eat that night and luckily we did becasuse when we delivered the pizzas all I saw them making for dinner was oatmeal. That's how cold THOUSAND TRAILS have been toward their members. Any lawyers out there who would like to help....

I've got it all documented.... witnesses and all.

Review about: Thousand Trails Rv Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You go girls....


A lawyer can't help you.

A business has the right to decline service to anyone they choose.

How did they know the condition of your rig BEFORE you arrived ?

Go somewhere else that ill take your money and stop griping.

I'm not anxious to feed 12 imported children either.

The bring them in by the carloads from other areas at Halloween to ransack our neighborhoods.

to William #1396326

It sounds to me that the membership they sold these women was sold fraudulently and I am sure there are a number of lawyers out there that would be willing to take the case. You sound like some kind of stuck up person who doesn't like the poor. For that I can only suggest you come to Christ for an attitude tune-up.

to William #1423876

Wow! Have you never heard of the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

In the private business context, service can be refused to any person for any reason so long as the refusal is not based upon a discriminatory purpose protected under the United State's Constitution.

Such protected matters that one cannot be discriminated against in the private business context would be race, creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender.

Perhaps you don't see how nasty your comment is - maybe you are a very nice person who is in a bad mood. Maybe you are educated, but just confused.


I totally agree with your post. Thousand trails sucks!! Especially Soledad Canyon in Acton Ca

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