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I bought a TT pass in the spring this year and immediately discovered how hard it was to actually find an available site in a TT campground in WA, OR or BC during the summer. I soon discovered at least part of the reason: TT is not honest about the number of available campsites. For example, the TT website shows 171 campsites at Cultus Lake Campground in BC , but about 70% of the sites are taken by year-around RVs and trailers. leaving about... Read more

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We booked St Clair resort last year due to the pool, The pool is not working. We booked August 7th - August 14 2016 for 3 park models ,1 tt cabin and 6 lots also the pavilion for Saturday August 13 for our reunion If we have know this earlier in the year we would of cancel and booked someplace else. I would not recommend this camp to any one .The grounds are not kept up and now with this . I would like some kind of discount for our family ... Read more

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No Manager, the one who thinks she's the temporary (Tracy) is doing a terrible job. She is having Rangers doing all jobs she feels fit, like housekeeping, laundry, mowing lawns, maintance, while members have to wait at gate to get in. She sits down at the office doing nothing, she could be helping out get this park cleaned up. Tracy has had the workers build a fire pit in the Roy Rogers field witch is a fire hazard due to tall grass and brush.... Read more

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Went to Thousands Trails in Cottonwood with other couples under the reservation of Heather Brown. When we arrived we were told that many many sites were unavailable due to electrical problems. Why weren't we told about that when we reserved. Put us in H, and the available sites were terrible. Unlevel totally. Hot water went out in H therefore we were told to use A or B. That is two miles away, AND WE HAD ONLY THE RV. The gate rangers were... Read more

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Homeless characters lurking in woods waiting to steal anything not tied down!

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We have purchased Thousand Trails/ Outdoor World. Our contract clealy states it is good for three generations. To talk with us they want power of attorney papers. Will not leave us in because they allowed too many to purchase yearly passes. We have lifetime and 3 generations. We should not have restrictions. TAs clearly states in contract. They do not honour our contract. Any suggestions! Read more

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We were staying at crescent bar on 6/28/2016, when this old lady across the way freaked out about our dog that was on a leash and started yelling about it being a viscious dog attacking her,bs, the dog weighs 35 lbs and it's not viscious. She threatened to call the cops... Totally unnescesary. Will never go back there Read more

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Thousand Trails Rv - Review in Dealers category from Roseville, Michigan
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Here we go with why this park is just ok...I can't say horrible because the family time we had was priceless. - Customer service at TT and corporate is a joke. Many complaints and nothing was done. - Most of the staff were very unprofessional and too laxed. No rules are enforced. - No supervision in the pool. Absolutely disgusting. I found a used bandaid and blood smeared on inside tile. If you didn't know it you would think it was like the... Read more

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Good morning just to let you know I am .So happy to be a member of T T. My family and I spent the weekend at wilderness lakes in Melodee CA. Lisa and Karl was so helpful in every part of our stay and any request that we made. They both are great T T employee' our stay begin at the ranger station in. The gentlemen was so nice and helpful. He was well knowledgeable about wilderness and the rules. He took his time and explain everything. Our... Read more

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Equity Lifestyles/Encore resorts purchased Thousand Trails...and spins a thousand lies. We purchased a 2 for 1 zone pass "Special". Within 24 hours and agent was convincing us to upgrade to an elite membership: instead of 30 days of "free" camping per year in 2 zones we would get all zones and unlimited camping. We were allowed to park hop (2-3 wk stays per park depending on on high use status of the park, check out from one park and same day... Read more

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